Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hair Fair Styles in Store

Hope everyone enjoyed the Hair Fair!!! All my styles from fair are now in the store along with the newly released Jadyn style. I also have a new system in the store. Hairapy Store Cards. Purchase for a friend or for yourself to take advantage of discount savings. Four store amounts, $250, $500, $900 and $1600L amounts. $900 Store Card give you 1000L worth in store products. $1600 Store Card gives you 2000L worth of store products. Products also includes the Verve Expressions Clothing store across from Hairapy's main store. Take advantage of discount savings today. Buy the card, wear the card. When you are ready to purchase your items it will ask you are you using a store card or right click and select Card in the pie menu to buy and receive the products. Simple as that. Any questions or assistance just IM me.


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